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Under the surface 1997-99

'Under the surface' is a folio of ten original prints created between 1997 and 1999. The images, structures and diagrams in this set of prints were chosen for their association with biology, chemistry and other areas of popular science.

Magnified surfaces bear witness to some kind of visual investigation.  When scrutinised, the source seems recognisable and familiar yet has clearly undergone some kind of change. Not entirely natural, colour harmonies suggesting some form of false-colour image enhancement reminiscent of imagery from a microscope.

Intended as clear reference points, these elements were then combined in a more poetic and visually-playfull manner to reduce any directly scientific reading. At the core of these works is a fascination with mankinds’ timeless desire to understand and explain the governing forces of nature. Exploring the idea of multiple levels of reality through different scales and magnifications.

Download 'under the surface'>>(pdf file 852kb)

Image and paper size: 35 x 50 cm

Stone and plate lithographs, hand printed in signed limited editions of 6 prints