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Archive selection, 1990>

Archive pieces.

This is a just a brief selection of a few works created in the years after graduating from college. The first prints shown here 'Cycles of change' were a series of four and were probably the first prints which had an environmental aspect to them. At the time sharing a flat with Pete, a meteorology student who exposed me to his isobar charts and other charts and diagrams. Thanks Pete!

Edinburgh Rock, was from the Portfolio of prints published by Edinburgh Printmakers called 'An Edinburgh Suite'. Based on Edinburgh's geology, at this time I began to be heavily involved with Edinburgh Printmakers and started exploring ways of combining multiple references in compositions such as Loop of Aurora. Again this was a theme that I've comeback to more recently in 2004 with more recent aurora prints.

Cycles of change 2, 1991

Cycles of change 4, 1991

Loop of Aurora, 1992

Edinburgh Rock, 1992

Hurricane Heather, 1993

From one thing to another, 1994

First signs of life, 1992

Moonjelly, 1993

Afterglow, 1993

Cyclone, 1993

Student works

Below are a couple of shaped wall pieces from my student days at Edinburgh College of Art.

Fragment, 1991

Sun, snow and psychedelia, 1990