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Islands, 2016-19
An Island in time-Glacier Island (detail), Archival Inkjet Print, 2019

This set of prints was started initially for the exhibition Intranquility. Curated by the Society of Scottish Artists was first exhibited in An Talla Solais, Ullapool, 25th June- 14th August 2016. As this exhibition toured to more venues and grew in scale, I created more prints as the ideas developed.

I created new hybrid islands, collaged by fusing parts of the Scottish Western isles with diverse locations ranging from Jersey, Tokyo to Spaghetti Junction. Inspired by maps and created using digital collage and printmaking techniques, these works merge the real and the unreal with photographic reality and painted illusion. The works are in series, showing the same island in different scenarios.
With these imagined islands I have invented past incarnations and future visions of our landscape shaped over time by fictional civilisations and histories. Isolated from their surroundings, as independent stand-alone land-masses, the island takes on a different dimension within our current political context. Worryingly, as countries increasingly adopt an island mentality with stranger danger, intolerance and fear of outsiders becoming far too common. 
The coastline points to the balance between land and sea and is a reminder that tranquillity and harmony is, perhaps, short lived but is always at natures discretion.

There is more detail of the exhibition on the Society of Scottish Artists website:

After the trees, Before the towns
Evolution of an Island
Before anyone, Absolutely everyone
An Island in time- Forest Island, Barren Island, Lithograph & screenpint, 2016
An Island in time- Field Island, Concrete Island, Archival Inkjet prints, 2017