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From the atmosphere, 2003

From the atmosphere is a series of original prints based on weather satellite imagery. Intended to be viewed as pairs of images, the sequence begins with approaching storm which is a satellite-scan image composited from two satellite passes. With each subsequent piece in the series the satellite imagery is increasingly transformed showing a change of view and perspective.

Throughout the series, references are made to false-colour imaging, radar images and isobar charts which are all diagramatic conventions used by science as a way of representing organic, chaotic systems in nature. I like this fusion of old and new. Any sequence, like a weather sequence, lends itself to representing change and gives a context to increasingly abstracted images. Working within this format has allowed me to mirror the changes in nature which occur in both short and long time scales. Science has a way of interpreting and representing nature with which we are now visually familiar. It is from this filtered viewpoint that I have drawn my inspiration for this series.

Portfolio of lithographs and screenprints, 2003,

paper size 56 x 77 cm, image size (each 40 x 57 cm)

Source imagery with permission, courtesy of the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, Dundee University, Scotland.

Quick-time slide-show showing working stages and imagery created to make the prints Downpour and Projected View

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from 'Interactions, a portfolio of lithographs by twelve artists', published by Edinburgh Printmakers 2003