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Blue skies,2005

These two works were commissioned for a new Health Centre in Bonnyrig, Lothian, Scotland in April 2005.  The two canvas panels combine screenprinting, painting and digital imagery.

As skyscapes based on cloud formations, these pieces relate to recent works such as Silver lining and Jet stream.  For me clouds are a natural expression representing transcience in nature and suggesting the notion of time passing and change.  We all instinctively ‘read’ the sky as an indicator of mood and to suggest what may come, the cloud patterns I have chosen contain a great deal of blue sky which is universally seen as a positive indicator of calm in nature.

The images were created initially through digital manipulation of photographs and were  produced by a combination of screenprinting, hand applied underpainting and glazing using Acrylic inks and paints on canvas. Each piece was created by printing in sections from at least 15 full size screens per panel.

Each panel measures 180 x 380 cm.

The works were produced at Edinburgh Printmakers studio.

Detail of LHS panel>

Detail of RHS panel>