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Aerial Landscapes, 1994 - 97

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Sleeping City

Land of plenty

Sleeping city 2

In a strip of land

A View of Gaia

Remains of a landscape

Intersecting pieces

Far from the city

Lighter than air

Aerial landscape

A distant river

Aerial landscapes.

Most of these prints were created after travelling to the American South-West and visiting desert areas such as Monument valley. The experience of visiting Chicago and seeing the citys grid pattern from The Sears Tower inspired Metropolis and Sleeping city.

Viewing Albuquerque from the air with so many of its' unbuilt streets already marked out in the surrounding desert, ready for expansion, inspired the print Land of plenty. Along with Remains of a landscape and Intersecting pieces, these prints explored the changes made in landscape due to overpopulation.

By contrast, Far from the city and A Distant river were made during a residency in the lake district and are more linked to the distance of land and missing people and places.

These prints have an avarge size of 63 x 93 cm and are all Stone lithographs with Screenprint, printed in small limited editions, averageing 6.


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