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Eutopians, 2017-18
Norviege-Espana Belgique-Deutschland Nordic-model


Created for the 'From Paper to Gold' portfolio of prints published to comemorate Edinburgh Printmakers 50th anniversary, 'Eutopia' was the first print I created exploring our place in Europe.

This print is mainly about Brexit. I found it hard not to comment on such a significant event happening just now. Eutopia, may be the shape of Europe to come- one possible version of the remainders of Europe, shaped by the exit of a few more countries. Notably, in this print, the UK has been erased from the map, a distant memory outcast from European history, the region now labelled as Uncharted Waters.

There’s not too much humour to be found in this situation, it would be laughable if it were not such a serious mess of our own making.